European Academic & Industry CAE Collaboration Day 2014 (part of the EATC 2014)

On June 26th, 2014 Altair hosts it 2nd European Academic Day embedded in the European Altair Technology Conference ATC.
This year, however, the focus of the event is to provide a platform for commercial and non-commercial users to meet, discuss and initiate future collaboration. We therefore renamed this event into

Academic & Industry CAE Collaboration Day.

Following the planned sessions of the day:

Part I: Speakers from industry present cooperation opportunities with/for universities

  • ACENTISS (Dr.-Ing. Josef Mendler, CEO)
  • FutureIng – Creativity and Innovation: Engineering by Students (Kwthaman Mahadevan)
  • KAEMaRT – Knowledge Aided Engineering Manufacturing and Related Technologies – group (Ph.D. Marina Carulli)
  • CEDREM – Pushing the Borders with a Vision and Experience (Karine Thoral-Pierre)

Student Contest Project Overview & Exhibition

  • Development and Optimization of particular components of a Formula Student Racecar with HyperWorks (Toni Wächtler, RaceTech Freiberg, Germany)
  • Simulation driven development of a new car chassis (Sebastian Hennecke, Johann Lohr; Hydro2Motion Team Germany)

Part II: Presentations by professors, researchers and students

  • Thermo-elastic optimization for additively manufactured turbo machinery components (Joona Seppälä, Technical University Munich Germany)
  • Design of a concept sportscar and wheelchair for paraplegic drivers using topology optimization (Francesco Di Giuseppe, University Of Camerino Italy)
  • Indent Tests for Explosive Equation of State Determination (Dr. Michel Arrigoni, ENSTA Bretagne France)
  • Experimental and numerical simulation of shock waves generated by pulsed underwater electrical discharges (Dr. Ekaterina Mazanchenko, PPRIME Institute – ISAE-ENSMA France)
  • Easy creation and validation of beads using OptiStruct® and CATIA V5® (Alexander Krauß, University Zwickau Germany)
  • Numerical optimization of racing car for the shell eco-marathon race (Mateusz Wąsik, Silesian University of Technology Poland)
  • Multistage Structural Optimization in the Design of a Lightweight Electrical Vehicle in the Project VisioM (Bernhard Sauerer, Technical University Munich Germany)

Part III: HyperWorks 13.0 Update:

  • HyperMesh 13.0
  • Optimization with OptiStruct 13.0 (also composite optimization process)
  • Solvers: RADIOSS, OptiStruct (nonlinear implicit), AcuSolve (CFD), MotionSolve (MBD)


For more information about the ATC and the venue please visit our website at:

Your participation is FREE of charge but registration is required!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Munich!
The Altair EATC and University Team